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Tom Cruise Saddles Up For ‘The Magnificent Seven’ Remake

Hatip: Screenrant  Tom Cruise may be approaching fifty years of age, but he shows no signs of intending to slow down. The Mission: Impossible star has a multitude of film projects on his ‘to-do’ list, and it looks like he’s … Continue reading

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Malcolm Elliott Davey of is the man responsible for creating the covers for our books. Here’s how he created Bren Madigan’s distinctive look for the Hank J. Kirby series which starts in June:  Next comes the body, and achieving the right pose, … Continue reading

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Plans are already well advanced for our next two books, GUN FOR HIRE by Neil Hunter and MADIGAN’S TRAIL by Hank J Kirby. GUN FOR HIRE introduces a tough scout-turned-marshal called Jason Brand, who signs on to find the kidnapped daughter … Continue reading

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PICCADILLY PUBLISHING’s debut Western is Neil Hunter’s Bodie: Trackdown. In its first week on Kindle it has hit to Top 100 Western Kindles, which shows that our decision to re-launch the series was the right one.


Bodie was a bounty hunter, a legalized killer, a man alone. He was a survivor in a tough world where a gunman’s life depended on his ruthlessness and speed on the draw.
But Bodie didn’t kid himself about the glory of being a gunslinger. Killing was a trade and Bodie was for hire to anyone with enough money and desperation.
Yet there was one man who tried to take Bodie for a two-bit greenhorn. And Bodie wasn’t about to be taken …

Neil Hunter is a pseudonym of the prolific Lancashire-born writer Michael R. Linaker. As Neil Hunter, Mike wrote two classic western series, BODIE THE STALKER and JASON BRAND. Under the name Richard Wyler he produced four stand-alone westerns, INCIDENT AT BUTLER’S STATION, THE SAVAGE JOURNEY, BRIGHAM’S WAY and TRAVIS. Another western, HIGH KILL, was later published in the SUNDANCE series as BOUNTY KILLER. His western output can also be found under the names ‘Dan Stewart’, ‘John C. Danner’ and ‘Frederick H. Christian’, the latter name employed when he ghost-wrote an additional five titles in Frederick Nolan’s popular FRANK ANGEL series. Mike has written three ‘nasty’ horror novels under his own name, but since the late 1980s has become best-known as one of the most popular contributors to Gold Eagle’s MACK BOLAN series, chronicling the adventures of PHOENIX FORCE, THE EXECUTIONER and STONY MAN, as well as his own action-adventure series, CADE.

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Launching Piccadilly Press

Longtime Western fans and Amazon Kindle best-selling Western writers Mike Stotter and Ben Bridges have finally realized a long-held dream to bring back into ‘e-print’ some of the most popular and best-loved Western and action-adventure series fiction of the last … Continue reading

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