John Benteen (Ben Haas) Signs Up!

Artist Ed Martin

FARGO by John Benteen

We are DELIGHTED to announce that as of today Piccadilly Publishing has acquired the rights to publish all the western novels of the great novelist Ben Haas, in ebook! Benjamin Leopold Haas (1926-1977) was a serious novelist who wrote westerns and action-adventure books ‘on the side’. Under the name ‘John Benteen’ he created three MAJOR western series — FARGO (the adventures of a freelance fighting man patterned after the Lee Marvin character in THE PROFESSIONALS), SUNDANCE (a Cheyenne half-breed who takes on various do-or-die missions in order to raise funds to fight the corrupt Indian Ring in Washington) and JOHN CUTLER (a tracker on the trail of the rogue grizzly that killed his wife). Under the name ‘Thorne Douglas’ he penned the five-book RANCHO BRAVO saga. And as if that wasn’t enough, he also wrote a number of quite exceptional stand-alone westerns under the names ‘Richard Meade’ and ‘Ben Elliott’. Over the coming months and years we will be releasing ALL of these books at regular intervals, in their correct sequence. The FARGO series will boast all-new cover art by Edward Martin and SUNDANCE will have covers painted by fan favourite Tony Masero. We kick off the schedule with the first SUNDANCE, OVERKILL, in May (to help celebrate our first year anniversary) and follow up with FARGO in June.

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5 Responses to John Benteen (Ben Haas) Signs Up!

  1. Bob Randisi says:

    This is great news! It would be even greater news if I read e-books. I have the Fargo books in mpaper and prefer to read them that way, but I’m glad you’re bringing these books back so they c an attract a new audience.


    • piccadillyp says:

      bob, you’re going to have to bite the bullet and get an e-reader. I know it ain’t the same as holding a physical book in your hand, but times are a changing.

  2. David W Southall says:

    This is great news. I discovered Fargo in the early 90’s at a small Westerns Only book store in Camden Town. The time period in which his adventures are set is unusual for a “Western” and the writing is sharp and vivid. There are many gaps in my collection and I look forward to completing them via PP

  3. Dave, I think we all went to that same place in Camden Town run by Newfy. I wonder what became of him? Those gaps will be filled, my friend.

  4. Rick Smith says:

    I did a search on Amazon on “John Benteen” and was positively delighted to find “Fargo,” the first in the series now in e-book! I was “present at the creation” in the early 70s when the series came out in paperback by Belmont Tower and own the entire Fargo series and have been waiting to see it republished in e-book. I can’t wait for PP to issue more titles. Keep ’em coming!

    Rick Smith

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