June 1st 2012 – 3 New Releases Announced

On 1st June, Piccadilly Publishing, the new e-book initiative founded by Western writers Mike Stotter and Ben Bridges, relaunches no less than three Western series on Amazon Kindle.

Following hard on the spur-hung heels of their first release, TRACKDOWN (the first Bodie the Stalker western by fan favourite Mike Linaker, writing as ‘Neil Hunter’), readers can now say howdy to three more gun-swift heroes this time out. 

GUN FOR HIRE introduces another Neil Hunter creation, ex-army scout Jason Brand, who is hired by wealthy New Mexican cattleman Morgan Dorsey to find Dorsey’s kidnapped daughter. US Marshal Bren ‘Bronco’ Madigan, the tough-as-nails character created by prolific Australian Western writer Keith Hetherington (writing under the name Hank J. Kirby) debuts in MADIGAN’S TRAIL, where Madigan’s long-held dislike of a crooked politician forces him to stretch the law to its very limits in order to see justice done. 

The Red HillsRounding out June’s titles is THE RED HILLS, which features quite probably the ultimate anti-hero, known only as Crow. The controversial, black-clad Crow was the brainchild of the late Laurence James, here writing under the pseudonym ‘James W. Marvin.’ This introductory novel tells the story of how cavalry lieutenant Crow runs afoul of his overbearing commanding officer … and gets a savage revenge. 

Further books in each series will follow as 2012 continues to unfold, each one as always sporting eye-catching, specially-commissioned covers inspired by the pulps of yesterday but giving them a modern twist.

 “This is very much the opening salvo for us,” says Mike Stotter. “Since the release of TRACKDOWN we’ve been very busy behind the scenes, recruiting more writers and series. Over the next few months I think we will have some very pleasant surprises in store for series fans.”

For further information contact the editors at piccadillyp@yahoo.com

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8 Responses to June 1st 2012 – 3 New Releases Announced

  1. Nick Williams says:

    Haven’t read any of these and all sound interesting. Looking in what few bookstores are left, there are so few books that seem to be published for men. Piccadilly is one of the two deciding factors in my soon buying an e-reader. Now if only a certain dimension-traveling British secret agent (whose adventures ended here more than two decades ago but are still going strong in France) would find his way back to the English language….

  2. piccadillyp says:

    Thanks for your kind words, Nick. You refer, of course, to the one and only Bob Morane! Ah, how I wish that these books would appear in English-language translations. You can only re-read the twelve books that DID make it to the English market so many times!!

    • Nick Williams says:

      I had Richard Blade in mind – 37 books in English and additional ones to total 204 in French, so far. I need to learn French. You have given me something new to investigate! Thanks!

      • piccadillyp says:

        Interesting! I remember the Blades very well, but I had no idea the series continued for sop long in France. You need to learn French? That makes two of us, buddy!!

  3. Can’t wait to rip into these. I haven’t read any of Laurence James’s Crow books but I’ve been wanting to. I love his Death Lands books.

    • piccadillyp says:

      Thanks, Peter. It was great re-visiting the series. I doubt very much that we could do the Deathlands series as it is copyright of Gold Eagle. But you never know what we have up our sleeve. Keep ’em peeled, as they say.

  4. Larry Gebert says:

    Got my copies.

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