Plans are already well advanced for our next two books, GUN FOR HIRE by Neil Hunter and MADIGAN’S TRAIL by Hank J Kirby.

Brand Gun for Hire by Neil Hunter

GUN FOR HIRE introduces a tough scout-turned-marshal called Jason Brand, who signs on to find the kidnapped daughter of a wealthy Texan rancher. The series originally appeared in Norway in the late  1970’s where it was a companion to the famous Morgan Kane Westerns of Louis Masterson. It ran monthly for eight books, and we are optimistic that author Mike Linaker will produce all new adventures as we enter 2013.

Mike Linaker is presently one of our most prolific authors. Over the next several months we will be re-issuing his BODIE THE STALKER series. The first of these, TRACKDOWN went into the top fifty Kindle Westerns on its release. Buy it here.


MADIGAN’S TRAIL originally appeared under the name Tyler Hatch, but later books were published as by Hank J Kirby. We are now pleased to begin issuing all eight books in the series under the Kirby name, complete with newly commissioned covers by Westworld Designs. The man behind the pen-name is Western veteran, Keith Hetherington, who wrote scores of Westerns as Kirk Hamilton and Brett Waring for Cleveland Publishing. Keith is no stranger to the series format, having written the long-running Bannerman, Clay Nash and War Hawks novels.

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